How to Style your Hair Scarf

We know how much you loved The Good Trend X Velvet Heartbeat hair bands and scrunchies, so we decided to release our second drop. 


We've introduced a new piece into the collection, our take on the fashion-forward scarf or bandanna. By incorporating a number of textures and prints, our scarfs will take you from day to night without the cowgirl vibes. 

 Eco Hair Scarf Bandanna


The Good Trend founder Hemma pays tribute to her Indian roots with this collection. The word bandana is derived from Sanskrit, the symbols बन्धन meaning a bond, and the Hindi word bāndhnā meaning 'to tie'. In the modern day, the hair scarf is a symbol of our style, and a reflection of our mood and individuality. 


The collection is made from remnants, off-cuts and swatches destined for the landfill. Velvet Heartbeat's vegan ethos is also celebrated; no animal fibres are used. 

 Hair bow scarf ethical eco fashion


We've put together a list of ways to style your scarf, and you'll be surprised at how stylishly versatile this cloth really is. 


1. The Bun Wrap (photo above). 


2. The Headband 




3. The Neck Tie


4. The Hand or Ankle Tie 

 Hair Wrap Wrist The Good Trend


5. The Knot



We'd love to know your favourite style! The collection can be purchased from Velvet Heartbeat and The Good Trend online. 


Till next time,

The Good Blog xx