How Travel Led One Explorer to Biodegradable Toothbrushes

We're inspired by Samantha Ooi, founder of the Bamkiki toothbrush. It's important to share Samantha's story for the truth about sustainability and why it’s here to stay.

Samantha is an avid explorer of jungles, beaches and countless islands. Her scuba diving in South East Asia took her to places most of us will never see in our lifetime – the underwater world. What affected Samantha was that there was an incredulous amount of rubbish, including plastic, scatted under the sea.

Samantha isn’t one to be a bystander. She came up with a way to reduce plastic from our daily routine, by introducing Bamkiki toothbrushes to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Bold and funky yet sustainable, the toothbrush handles are made with biodegradable bamboo, and over the life of Bamkiki, thousands of plastic toothbrushes have been prevented from entering our rubbish bins and ultimately littering our natural environment.

Bamkiki donates 5% of all profits to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation – a way to give back to preserving the environment.

While we can lose our motivation when faced with the massive problem of cleaning up our planet, Samantha wisely reminds us that the ocean is made up of countless drops of water and each drop is as significant as any other. Keep pushing in the right direction and a current of change will follow.

The Good Trend stocks the Bamkiki toothbrush for adult sized in Blac, Naturel, and Azur here. Go treat yourself, your smile and the environment deserve it 😀