Can you 'Window Shop' from your Phone?

Sharine Duran, founder of mobile app Adzurra has created a platform to help consumers find the latest fashion brands trending on Instagram. Adzurra’s target market is anyone that uses Instagram and wants to shop. Women make up the bulk of this target market, being the largest demographic to shop online and via their phones.

Adzurra allows users to find products by using detailed filters. For example, users can express a preference for ‘Australian made, Afterpay, blue shirt, on-sale & eco-friendly’. All results are influenced by location because consumers want to receive products as soon as possible after they purchase. Such filters can benefit particular brands; Sharine notes that consumers are becoming more conscientious of what they buy. Brands that improve their identity through ethically sourced, eco-friendly, natural and vegan products will prosper long-term.

Users of Adzurra get both a globalized and localized experience. Using a map feature, they can drop a particular location into their search bar or browse the map to see what’s trending in particular areas. They can also use their GPS to figure out how far away their current location is from a particular store.


Sharine developed Adzurra based on her knowledge of social media, rather than fashion. While Instagram has created a global community of online shoppers, its algorithms can hinder the user experience. Adzurra fills in a much-needed gap.

Adzurra is available on both the Android and iOS App stores.