The Scary Truth about Eco-Anxiety - and what you can do about It

Do you feel bad when you buy a plastic drink bottle because you left your trusty metal one at home? Or when you walk into the mall and come out with 5+ bags of fast fashion (cheap thrills)? 

Sounds like you may have 'eco-anxiety'. A worrying feeling you get when you don't think you're doing enough for the environment. It's a perfectly normal reaction to problems facing the earth, including exploitation of workers and the detrimental effects of climate change. 

In all honesty, these days it's impossible to live a purely ethical and eco-friendly existence without dropping off the radar and moving to a live-off-the-land commune.

Here at The Good Blog we're about living a sustainable life. But we're not perfect. We've got iPhones, laptops, we run in sweat-shop shoes and drink cans of Coke Zero. We've been conditioned to consume these products as part of our daily lives. And now it's time to switch it up and figure out what really matters. 

We also need to consider the fact that living ethically is a privilege. Not everyone can afford to purchase sustainable alternatives when they're on a budget. 

So how can we turn our anxiety into action? We can do what we can, when we can. Taking small steps is better than going from 0 to 100. At The Good Blog we feel fortunate that we're in a position to improve the quality of lives of others and take action to preserve our environment. 

Join The Good Blog on our journey to a more sustainable life. Let's share tips and tricks and beat our eco-anxiety together. 


The Good Blog