Why Op-Shopping is Cooler than you Think

Brick&Jim is our spirit animal in photographer form. We met it's founder Jim through a chance encounter, and we can say without hesitation that Jim is one of the kindest, creative and determined humans we know. 

We combined our love for op-shop steals with Jim's desire to shoot challenging and quirky, happily traipsing round Onehunga to make some magic. 

Op-shopping isn't as manky as you may think. Without fail, we always find a decent Karen Walker or Ruby number at Savemart New Lynn. Not to mention the $30 rack at Encore in Ponsonby - we've collected a few goodies from Sass & Bide and Moochi over the years. Pieces we used to lust over at high school and uni, but we couldn't afford. Maybe it's luck. Who knows. 

Our top tips for getting rid of any op-shop musk out of clothing is to soak, handwash, air-dry (for a few days) and steam. And don't bother shopping if you're not in a curious mood. You've got to take time to browse the racks. If you are on the fence about a particular piece, then don't buy. If you really love it you'll go back for it. Sleep on it. 

Check out our photoshoot and let us know what you think. If you don't believe us when we say op-shopping is cool, hit us up and we'll take you to the thrift store. It'll be a good time.


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